Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hardfire Interview

Hardfire Interview with Chris Garvey for D.A.

Christopher B. Garvey for Suffolk District Attorney

Democracy Without Choices?
This Election, the Major Parties give you only one choice - the incumbent - for each of the three Suffolk County Offices. The Republican-Democrat-appointed Board of Elections has removed the only alternatives -the Libertarians- from the Ballot.

If this subversion of democracy, by all the party bosses, bothers you, you can tell them, by voting Libertarian.
You can still write-in the Libertarians by opening that diagonal sliding door at the top of each column, and writing
these names ____________ in these columns:
Christopher B. Garvey ___ 7 District Attorney;
Audrey Capozzi _________ 8 County Treasurer;
Steven Kosin ____________ 9 Sheriff